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FITabulous PTHi! I’m Jade Geyser. Ive been a Personal Trainer now for 4 years and I am very passionate about living a Holistic Lifestyle, and being the example of this, not only for my family, but for all women looking to take charge of their lives, health and happiness.

As a new mother myself, I know the journey to fitness is not easy so my intention is to empower, teach and guide all women especially mothers with a holistic approach to health and wellness. To create Strength, Balance and Harmony with your body, mind and soul.

I will be offering my skills to empower you to take charge of your health and fitness with a a selection of tailored health and fitness programs such as:

  • Group Fitness Classes
  • One on One Personal Training sessions
  • My 6 Week Online Program to do at home
  • Individually tailored online Personal Training Programs
  • A 30 Day All Natural Nutritional Cleansing Replenishing Program

I will also teach you powerful techniques and rituals to create an uplifting vibration for you to power through your days…

My mission is to inspire, nurture, motivate and support you to be the best version of yourself and live a life full of energy. To put YOU back on the priority list, shine your light and be the best example for your families and friends.

So I INVITE you to join this positive wellness tribe by STEPPING IN YOUR POWER and becoming Fitabulous.


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