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Stories we tell ourselves…


When I first moved to Sydney I would tell myself negative stories as to why I didn’t want to live here, and now I am here the dark veil has lifted and I can see all the beauty and reasons WHY I love and loved Sydney.

The coastal walks mainly capture my heart everytime! It never gets boring. Amazing homes, choice of locations and endless places to explore, plus the familiarity( I grew up in sydney). Friends and family I didn’t realise I’d missed!

Everything we perceive is a story or illusion we tell ourselves that comes from our minds, often subconsciously, without knowing why or where this story originated from. It may of even been programmed into us from past experiences or lifetimes.

Stories, beliefs, paradigms…We all have them. If you’re feeling down about something or in victim mode, as tricky as it seems to move beyond this, do your best to become aware of the stories and thoughts you may be feeding yourself. Usually they are patterns or beliefs programmed into us over our lifetime. BS we have told ourselves for a long time.

We CAN CHOOSE to change this to lift ourselves into feeling better by thinking thoughts that support us and lifting ourselves up into joy. Being a sensitive soul I can take on others energies quite easily and find myself on a rollercoater of moods, energy and emotions.

The deeper I work spiritually and on my inner self, the more I feel, however now I am alot more aware of what this is and why I sometimes feel so up and down.

Life is a journey of lessons, continuously working daily through dark and light energies within us and our environments.
So just know that you are never alone you if you feel this way.

I find that when I’m in discipline of my daily happiness and spiritual rituals I feel much better, and when I don’t do them I fall into a low vibration which spirals downwards.

It’s finding what works best for you. What helps you feel good and what thoughts support you the most to help bring you into this space, giving you more ease and joy into your life. All it takes is some awareness to start being able to redirect the stories.

I’m grateful to be back in this energy of sydney and having stunning coastal surrounding me, as this is what feeds my soul, lifts the bs stories and places me back on my path of service, joy and purpose.

Love and light to you all.

I’d love to hear from you on what your rituals are to lift into joy?

Jade x


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